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Strontium carbonate

Shangshun strontium carbonate is white fine powder and wide range granular.

※ It is difficult to dissolve in water, slightly soluble in ammonia water, ammonium carbonate, insoluble in alcohol, soluble in ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate.

※ it is the most widely used strontium derivative. owe to the versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in various fields of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass.

※ Stable raw material supply, thanks to vast reserves of celestite in Iran, Shangshun is very honored as the largest celestite supplier in China.

The outstanding advantages of Shangshun strontium carbonate in these applications are:

- High Strontium purity

-Low Sodium compound

-Trace Iron compound

-Trace Chloride compound

-wide range particle size

Strontium purity

97.5% min

Sodium compound (Na2O)

0.3% max

Iron compound (Fe2O3)

0.001% (approximate)

Chloride compound

0.01% (approximate)

Average particle size (D50)


Application recommendation:

1-Glass substrates for displays and photovoltaic panel.

2-Ferrites for permanent magnets used in automotive electronic components and household appliances.

3-Purification of electrolytic zinc

4-Ceramic frits and glazes

5-Special glass

6-Flame making and fluorescent material industry

7-Raw material for the production of Strontium metal and other Strontium compounds.


25Kg mulriple plastic woven bags or 1000Kg jumbo bags, pallet with shrink-wrapped.

Store in dry and covered place.